Terms of Use

Terms of use


The present agreement governing Personal Data Protection covers the personal data of all website visitors/users/members collected by nrgprovider.com during visits or use by the above parties of the nrgprovider.com website pages.  Further, the present agreement covers the prerequisites for collection, processing, and management by nrgprovider.com of personal data belonging to visitors/users/members with regard to any companies linked to nrgprovider.com.  Under no circumstances does the present agreement cover the relations nrgprovider.com visitors/users/members have with any services not subject to the control or ownership of nrgprovider.com.  
Given the nature and volume of the Internet, under no circumstances, including the circumstance of negligence, can nrgprovider.com be held liable for any damage sustained by visitors to and/or users of the nrgprovider.com pages, services, selections, and contents which visitors/users may make use of at their own initiative and in full knowledge of the terms of the present agreement.


data collection and use

nrgprovider.com collects personal data when (a) visitors/users subscribe to its services, (b) visitors/users make use of the nrgprovider.com products and/or services, and (c) visitors/users browse through the site and/or enter the website’s promotional/advertising programs.
During subscription to the nrgprovider.com Newsletter, the following personal data are requested of visitors/users: First and Last Name and e-mail address. nrgprovider.com uses the personal details collected from visitors/users/members for three, main reasons: 

• so as to be able to maintain information support directed at customers/users and update the selection of its website content so that the latter may be pertinent to the customers/users general preferences

• so as to be able to satisfy customer/user requests with regard to the services and products available by and through nrgprovider.com

• so as to keep customers/users updated on new offers regarding services and products.


correction or deletion of personal data

nrgprovider.com gives its users/members the right to delete their personal data, correct them, or update them or even unsubscribe at any given moment simply by visiting the nrgprovider.com service designed for that purpose.

diverting and revealing personal data

nrgprovider.com. has undertaken a binding commitment to not sell, rent out, or in any way publicize or make known the personal data of nrgprovider.com visitors/users/members to third entities, be they legal or natural entities, unless: 

• It has the explicit consent of visitors/users/members to have their personal data diverted. 

• Diverting personal data to legal or natural entities in collaboration with nrgprovider.com is deemed necessary for the implementation of the wishes and/or orders of the users/members. The legal and natural entities in collaboration with nrgprovider.com are entitled to processing the personal data nrgprovider.com users/members submit to nrgprovider.com only to the extent that such practice is deemed indispensable for the provision of support by said entities towards nrgprovider.com. 

• It is mandatory due to adherence to the provisions foreseen by the relevant laws and due to compliance towards the appropriate and only the appropriate authorities.  


use of cookies

Web Cookies are small text files, which the present website, like any other website, downloads on the user’s computer or mobile device, when they visit the website. The information collected do not expose the identity of the user. They are general information regarding the settings of his computer, his Internet connection, i.e. the operating system and the platform, the IP address, the most common browses, the browsing time and its location. 

These data are used to remember the user’s actions and preferences for a period of time, so that he does not have to enter his preferences every time he visits or browses the present website. Cookies are used only for retrieving the above data and offer relevant services, thus facilitating the user and accelerating the browsing experience. In addition, cookies help the company measure and study the effectiveness of its interactive online contents, its functions and other communications that take place during the connection to its website and the subsequent relevant statistics.  The company informs its users that it uses the services of Google Analytics. Finally, cookies are used to monitor analytic data and the use of the website, in order to improve its quality and upgrade its services.


links to other sites

nrgprovider.com includes links to other sites which are not under the control of nrgprovider.com itself but under the control of third parties (natural or legal entities).  Under no circumstances can nrgprovider.com be held liable for the Terms of Protection of Personal Data of visitors/users that said third parties operate under.

ip addresses

The IP address of visitors/users accessing the Internet and, in turn, nrgprovider.com is retained by nrgprovider.com for technical reasons and is employed purely and solely for the collection of statistical data.  

applicable legislation

Management and protection of the personal data of visitors to and/or users of nrgprovider.com services are subject to the stipulations of the present segment and to the relevant Greek legislation provisions. More specifically, they are subject to Law 2472/1997 on the protection of individuals and personal data protection as complemented by the decisions made by the Chairman of the Personal Data Protection Committee, the Presidential Decrees 207/1998 and 79/2000, Article 8 of Law 2819/2000, and Law 2774/1999 of European Law (Directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC).  The present terms are stipulated in view of the rapid development technology and, in particular, the Internet have had and in view of the existing, albeit not fully formed, grid of legislative regulations on such issues. Within that framework, any relevant regulation which may potentially arise will be encompassed by the present segment. In any case, nrgprovider.com reserves the right to change the personal data protection terms following notification of users/visitors and by means of the existing or potential legislative framework. Visitors/users not in agreement with the personal data protection terms foreseen by the present segment should not make use of any nrgprovider.com services.