We invest in the new energy landscape emerging in Southeast Europe, so as to introduce a modern alternative solution to the country and the Greek customer.

Energy Portfolio

nrg is one of the most specialized companies in Electricity Trading in the wider Balkan region, while holding a 200MW Electricity Trading and Supply license.


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Systematically investing in the Electricity Trading sector, nrg has been recruiting highly qualified and specialized staff and is considered today one of the most prestigious companies in the wider region of SE Europe. Nrg enjoys a dynamic presence in the market of most of the region's countries and, having entered into agreements with the leading energy companies, rapidly adapts to the changes occurring.


Our deep expertise and international presence verify our credibility


nrg is also listed in the Register of Participants of LAGIE and GME (Italian Electricity Exchange) and in the Register of Interconnection Users of ADMIE and TERNA. It can thus participate in auctions for the allocation and assignment of physical transmission rights for electricity in the Greece-Italy interconnection.

At the same time, the company engages in the other interconnections of Greece, participating in the auctions of ADMIE and/or Operators in neighbouring countries and trading electricity with producers, end-suppliers and other trading houses in Bulgaria, FYROM, Albania and Turkey.


nrg - interconnections

nrg interconnections