Customer Service Values

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1. Superior Customer Communication 
The nrg Customer Support Department through its highly experienced and trained personnel is always at your disposal. With zero hold time, our call center responds promptly to your every request.



2. Commitment to cost-effective solutions


Our customer care specialists jointly with our Technical Department research your specific needs and help you pick an electricity supply plan that will best suit your needs and maximize your profit.



3. Value to our customers


By being truthful to our core corporate values of high-reliability and well-rounded customer service, we value your trust in us every day.

Our Customer Service Values  


nrg αρχές εξυπηρέτησης

  • Delivering top quality customer services for an outstanding customer experience in every interaction.

  •  Updating constantly our customers on all market trends.

  •  Responding promptly to our customer requests, with absolute respect for their time and personality.

  •  Delivering personalised customer services to all our customers.

Our goal is to create a unique customer experience every time!

We ensure the implementation of these principles by:  nrg εφαρμογή των αρχών μας

  • carrying out quantitative and qualitative analysis of all incoming and outgoing calls, recording and grouping our customers' requests and needs
  • recording and implementing specific procedures for handling each request
  • conducting regular customer satisfaction surveys
  • setting clear goals and providing ongoing training of our customer service personnel.