nrg, an alternative electricity supplier, in collaboration with BMW SPANOS SA, participated in the annual regularity rally, held for the 8th consecutive year on 4 & 5 October, with the new BMW i3 electric car making its debut in the European market.

With all eyes on the Syntagma Square, the Hi-Tech EKO Mobility Rally 2014 was held on Saturday and was successfully completed on Sunday with the end of the race and the award ceremony for the car crews.

The innovative BMW i3 of BMW SPANOS SA, bearing the nrg slogan, tailor-made energy solutions, stood out for both its individual style and its unique performance.

The CEO of BMW SPANOS SA, Giorgios Spanos along with Manos Lagoudakis in the passenger seat, using the technological features of the electric BMW i3 managed to speed ahead to the finish line and win two Awards, one in the Accuracy Test category and one in the Energy Saving category.

nrg congratulated the BMW i3 crew and thanked BMW SPANOS SA for the opportunity, through this partnership, to be a part of this important rally of electric and alternative fuel cars.

The international hi-tech EKO MOBILITY rally results count for the World Cup on alternative energies of the International Automobile Federation - FIA, organised by the Hellenic Institute of Electric Vehicles (HELIEV).

nrg, consistent with its business targets, supports events and initiatives aiming at promoting new technologies and helping people become more at ease with using them, thus saving natural resources and energy and contributing to the protection of the environment.