nrg renews its image, to best reflect its position in the market and its transparent relationship with its customers. 

A new, fresh and powerful logo, a new motto and a funny informative campaign that places consumers' needs as well as their fears, at the center of everything we do, embodying the company's philosophy which is based on meeting consumers' real, current needs.  

At a time when both businesses and households in Greece find it difficult to make ends meet, nrg talks about saving you money by simply overcoming the force of habit and the general sense of fear. Our mission is to make consumers understand that by choosing nrg as the electricity supplier for their home or their business, they can only win. Choosing nrg equals lowering your fixed expenses and engaging in a specially crafted experience. We deliver more than electricity, we deliver services.

With the prestige and reliability of the Chandris Energy Group, nrg invites you to overcome your ambivalent feelings evoked by habit and make the mature choice of the alternative supplier who can actually help you switch to a better life.