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who we are

With the prestige and reliability of Motor Oil.


Carrying on the long and successful business tradition of Motor Oil, nrg is active in a sector vital to the greek economy, the Greek businessman and the individual.

Our Vision and mission

nrg visionOur vision is both greek and outward-looking. We see nrg becoming one of the leading energy suppliers in the region of Southeast Europe. Our goal is to be ahead of our time, while remaining abreast of the international developments, so as to offer our customers a new experience in terms of energy supply. Being aware of the role we play in a key sector for our country's development and prosperity, pushes us to add value in every aspect of nrg's activities.


Our history

nrg historyIn 2012, nrg enters the energy market. Today, nrg is among the top companies in the energy sector. By holding a strong Corporate Portfolio that comprises of both large business groups and small and medium-sized enterprises, and increasing steadily its market share in household consumption, nrg is rapidly rising. Our long-term plan is to further develop and expand the company's activities, with a view to actively participate in the constantly changing environment of the energy market. To this end, nrg enters the Natural Gas market, aiming at providing its customers a wider range of services.

With the prestige and reliability of Motor Oil, nrg is today one of the leading companies in the fast growing energy market.

Changing the face of customer service, nrg's strategic priority is to become the alternative solution that meets the realistic needs of the market and consumer.

By keeping up with the latest developments in the energy market and constantly enhancing the quality of its services, nrg firmly and consistently advances in developing high-specification services at the most competitive prices.

Our top priority is to forge a relationship of trust with our customers and associates and help them switch to a better life

With the prestige and reliability of Motor Oil